Marconi Plaza Garden Bed Clean Up

On October 14, The Friends of Marconi Plaza, along with Parks and Recreation, and volunteers from Woodify(based in Cherry Hill), cleaned out three garden beds at Marconi Plaza. These beds are located on the southwest corner of Broad and Oregon Avenues, the southwest corner of 13th and Oregon Avenues, and 15th and Moyamensing Avenue. These beds are at three different entry points to the park and have been plagued by litter and weeds for a while. They were planted on October 18 with native species that we hope will thrive in the park. The Friends of Marconi hope these will improve the look of the three entry points and are looking for volunteers to help maintain these beds. We need help with weeding, watering, and maintenance. Please contact the FRIENDS OF MARCONI and visit their facebook page at

SPCCA Grand Website Opening!!

SPCCA is entering the fall season with the launch of our new website!  We encourage our neighbors to check it often as we will be posting updates.  We also hope that you will add your contact information to our newsletter list and visit our Facebook page.

Welcome to the new South Philadelphia Communities Civic Association website! In an effort to stay with modern times, we’ve revamped and redesigned our website with community in mind. We wanted keep our community in the loop of current events with an easy to navigate and 100% accessible platform. Feel free to bookmark this site on your Desktop, Mobile Device, Tablet or other web-capable device!

Features of our new community website include:

We have many helpful informational pages designed to keep you in the loop of your community. Please visit back often and sign up for our monthly newsletter for updates on upcoming community park events as well as our monthly meeting schedule!

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