Donations to the SPCCA help us to keep your community clean and growing strong! See other ways you can help by visiting our Volunteer page.


We are a group of volunteer neighbors who reside within our boundaries.  We are comprised of the board members and several other  civic-minded neighbors.  We work with our elected officials, neighbors and other civic associations in our area to bring about change.  Many of us are long-term residents of the area and are acutely aware of the challenges we all face living here.  We love our neighborhood  but realize there is always room for improvement.  We would love to hear from you!


Some of the projects we have worked on and are continuing to work on are the Supersite at 1100 Bigler Street with the School district of Philadelphia., Mastery Charter elementary School, Mastery Charter high with collaboration with the neighbors of the school and improved lighting of Marconi Plaza.


How to Donate:

Please contact our treasurer, Antionette Delia to donate to SPCCA. We are accepting donations of all kinds. We also appreciate donations of your time.  Please see the volunteer page and contact page for donations.  Thank You!

Antionette Delia


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